About Us

Souris Valley Bowmen

Souris Valley Bowmen was founded in 1952. We are an archery club located in the Trestle Valley near Minot, ND. We have an outdoor field course on our lower range and a 3D course on our upper range. We also have an indoor range and newly constructed Archery Education Center. Our club is committed to educating and promoting the sport of archery, with special attention to youth involvement. We host a variety of shoots throughout the year, as well as making our facilities available to cooperative shoots and educational events.

Our Directors

Dallas Rice


Trent Kinzell

Vice President

Troy Radtke

Secretary Treasurer

Chandler Jacob

Public Relations

Bryan Korgel

Facilities Manager

Brad Hoffarth

Upper Range Manager

Donny Scofield

Lower Range Manager

Warren Anderson

Gaming Manager

Khris Hall

Youth Archery Coordinator

Jeff Jacob

Event Coordinator

Dustin Myers

Target Manager

Nichole Thomas

Membership Director

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Part of what keeps Souris Valley Bowmen going are the memberships from our dedicated members. We are actively enrolling new members.