Board Positions & Duties

President (Pres)

shall – Be responsible for all Club operations representing the best interest of the Club and its members, Provide the authority, direction and leadership to ensure BOD Officers perform the duties outlined in this Article, Schedule, attend and preside over regular and special meetings, Appoint Committee Chairman for Trophy Night (TN), the Budget and all other Club business that requires a committee, Partner directly with the Gaming/Tax Manager and the Secretary/Treasurer.

Vice President (VP)

shall – Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, Assist the President to carry out all Club operations, Partner directly with the Membership Director and Secretary/Treasurer assisting with their duties as outlined in this Article.

Secretary/Treasurer (S/T)

shall -Receive and expend all money for the Club, Maintain a budget as directed by the President and BOD, Chair the Budget Committee, Keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures, Record, maintain and report the minutes of meetings, Retrieve mail from the Club Post Office box weekly as a minimum, Partner directly with the President and Vice President.

Public Relations Manager (PR)

shall – Be responsible for communicating Club events, activities and scheduled meetings through email, text messages, Facebook and the SVB website, Maintain the SVB website with current accurate information, Develop Welcome Sheet for dispersal to new members, Provide a quarterly Club News update and an Annual Recap of Club activities, Partner directly with the Membership Director.

Gaming/Tax Manager (G/T) 

shall – Obtain required paperwork and permits for the Club to participate in gaming events, Coordinate Trophy Night activities with Public Relations Manager, Events Coordinator and TN Committee Chairman, Prepare and submit ND State Taxes in accordance with state law, Partner directly with the Buildings Manager.

Facilities Manager (FM)

shall – Maintain clean, safe facilities to include the Indoor Range, Archery Education Center, Log cabin/Pavilion and outhouses, Empty trash, sweep floors, dust and clean bathrooms as needed but not less than once per week, Remove snow from the front patio when needed, Stockpile maintenance equipment and supplies to perform required tasks, Attach shootable paper targets to target butts in the indoor range, Operate the snack bar fund, Partner directly with the Gaming/Tax Manager.

Lower Range Manager (LR)

shall  Maintain the lower grounds of the Club by mowing and weed eating as needed keeping shooting lanes clear and safe, Remove and replace worn out bag targets when deemed necessary coordinating with the Target Manager, Ensure bridges are safe and secured properly, Maintain serviceable equipment and supplies to perform duties, Coordinate with the Events Coordinator prior to Club events, Be responsible for parking lot/road snow removal and sanding, Partner directly with the Upper Range Manager.

Upper Range Manager (UR)

shall – Maintain the Hills course by providing clear shooting lanes, safe secure steps and a safe foot bridge necessary to navigate the more challenging areas of the upper range, Provide clearly marked shooting positions/posts, Remove and replace worn out 3D targets in coordination with the Target Manager, Coordinate with the Events coordinator prior to Club events, Partner directly with the Lower range Manager.

Youth Archery Coordinator (YC)

shall – Spearhead all Youth activities for the Club to include managing the Youth Archery Program, Maintain all youth archery equipment including targets, Promote and Attend youth archery events as requested by outside agencies, Partner directly with the Events Coordinator.

Events Coordinator (YC)

shall – Coordinate all SVB shoots, leagues and special events, Organize Trophy Night activities with the Gaming/Tax Manager, Trophy Night Chairman and all BOD members, Assist Youth Coordinator with all youth events, Request assistance from the Public Relations Manager to advertise upcoming Events, Partner directly with the Youth Coordinator.

Target Manager (TM)

shall – Maintain a written inventory of all targets on hand in the storage shed, lower range, upper range, practice range and youth archery trailer, Be responsible for ordering Targets as needed and approved by the BOD, Provide the BOD with a budget including replacement cost, Partner directly with the Lower Range manager, Upper Range Manager and Buildings Manager.

Memebership Director (MD)

shall – Promote SVB Club by recruiting and retaining members, Process new and renewed membership requests, Provide Club orientation and welcome kit for all new members, Maintain materials and supplies needed to perform duties, Monitor and process Pay Pal account at least once per week, Coordinate with the Secretary/Treasurer to ensure timely deposit of membership funds, Partner directly with the Vice President and Public Relations Manager.

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